10 fashion tips and tricks to make a short woman look taller

Hello ladies, welcome to this post, are you worried because of your short nature, worry no m ore, i want to share with you today, some very simple tricks that will make you appear taller than you really are. Just because you’re under 5.3′ tall doesn’t mean that you simply cannot look positively stunning and it most definitely doesn’t mean that you cannot wear a stunning sheath.

There are numerous endless sorts of cocktail dresses from handkerchief hemlines to fluffy skirts to frothy silhouettes. They’re fun, flirty, playful and assured. 2011 is all about bright colors, exciting prints and large frothy shirts with tight bodices. they are doing wonders for the figure because of their frilly skirts. But like all new fashion, there’s an art to wearing it. Not everyone can perform the newest trends with style and ease.

Whether you’re too petite otherwise you are too tall, the proper clothing can offer you the right look that you simply are wishing for. Of course, there are different tips for petite women also as tall ones, and here are the ideas that the short and petite women should confine mind:

Most women are unhappy with some aspect of their looks, and think they’re too short or too wide. Luckily we will choose clothes to make the illusion of height and slimness. All it takes is knowing what works for your body. Do not forget to read 7 most common plus size fashion mistakes and steps to avoid them

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Here are 10 tips and tricks for looking taller and slimmer:

1. Create a slim line. to make a slim silhouette, wear two colors at the foremost. If you’re wearing a suit with pants or a skirt, choose a jacket and skirt of an equivalent color – navy for instance. Then add a sweater or blouse of a special color underneath. Or, wear a sweater and pants in navy, and add a special color jacket, in red, burgundy or grey, counting on your coloring and preferences.

2. Watch the horizontal lines. Where does your jacket end? If it ends at the widest a part of your hips, it’ll draw the attention there, and your hips will look wider. Horizontal lines in your jacket and skirt should end at your slimmest points.

3. stand back from billowing fabrics in skirts and pants. stick with fabrics with more body and shape.

4. Empire waists: this popular style is merely for the very young and slim. for many women, it makes people wonder if you’re pregnant. Also see these 50 Most Trendy Ankara Styles For Stylish Ladies

5. Heels: you do not need high heels, but a little heel adds a touch of height, and slims your look. Avoid pancake flats

6. Midline vertical details add height. for instance, a row of vertical buttons leads the attention up and down, but a row of horizontal buttons draws the attention from side to side, making you appear shorter and wider.

7. Necklines: A v-neck creates an extended neckline, and adds height.

8. Straight pants without cuffs add height. Cuffs cut your legs and make them appear shorter.

9. Single-breasted jackets are more slimming than double-breasted jackets, which have an excessive amount of fabric.

10. Avoid ankle strap shoes and boots, which cut your foot or leg and make it look shorter.

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